Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy for those Suffering from Low T

A number of benefits of testosterone replacement therapy have been recorded, including better stability with moods, energy levels, and libido. Testosterone replacement has also been shown to enhance libido and the frequency of sexual acts and sleep-related erections. Transdermal testosterone replacement therapy, in particular, has been linked to positive effects on fatigue, mood, and sexual function, as well as significant increases in sexual activity. More specifically, testosterone replacement therapy has been shown to improve positive mood parameters, such as feeling of friendliness, reducing mood swing parameters, such as anger and irritability.

Testosterone replacement therapy is also associated with potentially positive changes in body composition. In Low T men, testosterone replacement therapy has demonstrated a number of effects, including an increase in lean body mass and decrease in body fat, and increases in muscle size.

Testosterone replacement with transdermal testosterone delivery systems in HIV-infected men with low testosterone levels has been associated with statistically significant gains in lean body mass (p=0.02), increased red cell counts, and improvements in emotional distress. Transdermal testosterone has also been administered to HIV-positive women, yielding positive trends in weight gain and quality of life.

Improvements in bone density have also been shown with testosterone replacement therapy. Increases in spinal bone density have been realized in men with low testosterone, with most treated men maintaining bone density above the fracture threshold.