Barbara Purcell’s Story

Geeze! Did aging really have to be this difficult? I (Barbara Purcell) had been married less than a year and felt terrible. Night sweats, hot flashes, no energy, no sleep and constant anxiety made life not so fun and I was less than comfortable in my skin. Thinking that exercise would be the cure, I was working out — hard — but building no muscle, and feeling constantly exhausted.

I began to hear about friends who were trying hormone pellet therapy. Two friends in particular swore it had made a big turnaround in their emotional and physical life. I made an appointment with their Dallas doctor to learn more about this “miracle” with hormones.

Wow!! I experienced almost immediate relief after my first insertion of estradiol and testosterone pellets. Within two days, I had a new calmness, was sleeping through the night, and no longer had hot flashes and night sweats. This was the greatest thing I had experienced – and it didn’t involve antidepressants. And the results were long-lasting.

Impressed by the significant change—I asked my husband, Blaine, a board-certified internist, “Would you be interested in training in pellet therapy?” Blaine has always been a firm believer in treating his patients with supplements [vitamins and minerals] before resorting to prescription drugs. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses a natural approach which Blaine believes can be tailored with lifestyle changes to promote health and well-being. His goal has always been to make his patients feel good again without the undue side effects often caused by prescription drugs.

Well, to make a long story short—Blaine researched and trained in pellet therapy and now I work as the office manager at his practice in Wichita Falls and have never felt better. My life is truly rich and I enjoy being a wife, a mother and a grandmother. “I am so happy that we can benefit the countless women and men who come to see us from seven states and two countries. It unquestionably changed my life for the better, and I enjoy seeing others experience similar transformations.”