About Us

Our mission is to naturally assist men and women in achieving physical well being and optimal health. We typically serve men with low testosterone (low T), menopausal women, and diagnostic challenges of internal medicine. Our goal is to simply replenish the hormones that occur naturally in the body and boost them back to the appropriate medically sound levels necessary to maintain youthful health, vigor, and vitality. We serve Northwest Texas and Southern Oklahoma and of course those who choose us from points beyond.

Hippocrates stated that the body has the capacity to heal itself if given the proper resources. Science has found that Hormones and Nutrition are the resources that allow the body to accomplish that task.

“To be in my metabolic prime with these bioidentical hormones, and then to add to it the wisdom and perspective that comes with aging, it’s about as good as it gets. It’s better than being 20, 30, or 40.”

Suzanne Somers

“We are our hormones. Without them we die. In fact, aging is the loss of hormones.”

Suzanne Somers