"My blood pressure is too high, my cholesterol is getting bad, my blood sugar is going up and I have all this fat around my middle" sound familiar? you have metabolic syndrome. Call us , we'll work on it!! ... See MoreSee Less

One of the main causes of many degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, dementia, heart disease etc is mitochondrial dysfunction. What the heck is that and what can you do about it? The mitochondria is the energy factory inside the cell. It produces the energy for the cell to do it's job, what ever that job might be. Melatonin increases the glucose (fuel) that gets to the mitochondria. Come see us and we'll talk about how this simple supplement can retard aging and inhibit neurological diseases, heart disease and cancer. ... See MoreSee Less

Why do most people become less healthy as they age? Chronic diseases like heart disease , high blood pressure etc, are the result of the interaction between your genetic PREDISPOSITION, and your environmental exposures, lifestyle, and diet. Which of these factors can you change? Call us and we'll talk about "organ reserve". ... See MoreSee Less


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